Adam Davenport  is a supporting character in Suddenly Bionic. He is the eldest of three (later five) bionic children and a bionic human teenager created by Douglas Davenport. He is Bree, Chase, Leo, and Daniel's older brother and Donald and Tasha's adoptive son. While having superhuman strength, he has heat visions. Adam begins the series at nineteen years old.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Even at the beginning of the series, Adam is not the brightest of his siblings, something that he is teased with by his younger siblings. According to Leo, Adam's brawn is stronger than his brains and that it is all he has. This makes it somewhat useful, as when Adam does not have a thought in his head, he is able to do reckless things, as it gets the job done. He said this to Bree when they switched their chips so she could pull the elevator up that trapped Leo and Perry. This is most useful in "Bro Down", where Adam was able to However, there are times when Adam comes up with ideas, as shown in Season 1 and 2. He is also intelligent when it comes to popularity, as people began liking Chase because Adam helped boost his brother's votes in the Student of the Semester votes. This is notable when he figures out on how he, Bree and Chase can spend time with Leo on the beach while staying with the mobile lab and did his math correct, something that surprised Chase. Because people make fun of his intelligence, Adam masks the hurtfulness by making fun of other people, more specifically Leo and Chase about their heights.  Like Bree and Chase, Adam can be naïve, as he befriended Marcus without realizing Leo was right about Marcus being evil.

He is also the most hot-tempered of the four Lab Rats, as he got aggravated when Leo just merely through a peanut at him when Leo was trying to get Adam mad so the orbs that Leo had invented would attack him. In addition to his hot-temperedness and despite teasing his siblings, Adam will do anything to protect his siblings, even avenging them when other villains threaten them. In " Bionic Showdown", Adam angrily told Douglas he would take him and Marcus down when Adam thought Leo was killed by Marcus. Additionally, he unlocked his hidden Blast Wave ability when he saw Leo in danger and facing Marcus, who nearly killed Leo with his razor fingers and used the new ability to protect his younger brother. He grew angry when Krane threw Bree across the room and began beating up Krane when he attacked her. In "Bionic Action Hero" Adam and Bree fought off Troy and Giselle, but he thought Giselle was successful in killing Chase, showing he wanted to take them both down for taking his brother away from him. In that moment, Adam thought he was a terrible brother and never had the chance to tell Chase that he loved him. Later, he denied it.

Adam's simple mind also came in handy in "Leo vs. Evil" where he and his siblings accidentally teleport their mother through the Davenport's new invention. Instead of sending her through the Davenport teleporter with the potential to kill her, Adam called her instead. This actually surprises Donald, Chase and Bree, but Adam reasons that he was able to come up with a simple solution. Because of his short attention span, Adam became a best friend with one of the bionic Soldiers, Bob, becoming a mentor and older brother figure towards him. He also cannot tell when people are being sarcastic or serious, as Leo sarcastically told Chase that their plan to get Danielle (a girl they all liked) and Adam immediately proclaimed the plan to get Leo Danielle had failed. Overall, Adam appears to be the stereotypical older brother who constantly annoys his siblings (such as Pranking Bree, Chase and Leo) but will protect his younger siblings whenever they need him.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Super Strength: Adam has super strength, showing he is stronger than the average human. He even managed to lift a heavy weight lift and threw it enough to knock out The Crusher, the strongest man in the Universe. According to Leo, it is all Adam has (Leo's Jam). Bionic People are shown to be stronger than humans, but Adam is stronger. He could smash a runaway meteor, crush a ball with his strong hands and stop a bullet train. For unknown reasons, he is not discomforted by the heavy weight and can easily balance objects a normal person would not lift with just one hand. It is shown in Taken that Adam can do a Force Jump when fighting Krane and to jump at Troy West from behind (Bionic Action Hero). However, Adam is not strong enough to punch through ultra-strength titanium and carbonex.
  • Heat Vision: Adam's eyes turn red when he produces heat rays that shoot from his eyes, and can control the Heat Vision's intensity. He can ease its intensity, usually uses his heat vision to cook his food and welding metal. They can range between lasers or fire beams. He can also utilize a Flame Vision, using it intentionally, as he used against Victor Krane twice (Taken, You Posted What). However, it activates unwillingly when he glitches (Crush, Chop and Burn).
  • Super Durability: Because of his genetic engineering, Adam is more durable than the average person and sustain injuries that could normally gravely injure a person and lasers that would normally kill a person will just stun him. However, he is not invincible, as he can still get injured as Adam dislocated his shoulder and in an alternate reality, he died from a collapsing ceiling.
    • Resistance to Extreme Temperatures: Adam can also have a resistance to extreme high temperatures thanks to genetic engineering.
  • Plasma Grenades: Adam shoots balls of electricity from his hands known as Plasma Grenades. However, the plasma grenades are probably a glitch, as they were only seen when Adam's powers went haywire.
  • Blast Wave: An ability Adam had unlocked during "Bionic Showdown" when he saw Marcus about to kill Leo. His voice went deeper and Adam utilized a blast wave and sent it after Marcus, which nearly killed him. He later used it in "No Going Back" against Perry's X-Ray machine, but she mistook it for an earth quake. He used it against Bree when he released one at his sister before realizing that they did not need to use it. It did, however, cause Bree to fall down.
  • Mental Link: Adam can receive information from Chase mentally, in a method like sending an email. He describes the process as tingling. (Sink or Swim)
    • Bionic Fusion Attack: According to Douglas, through Chase's Override App, Adam and Bree can combine their bionics with Chae and create a large fusion attack. They stand in a perfect triangle formation by linking their arms and create an energy charged up and once it is charged, it gets blasted from Chase's side. They used this bionic fusion attack against Victor Krane, thinking they had vanquished him, but they were only able to severely injure him. The process causes Adam and his siblings too much stress, they only use it as a last resort.
  • Underwater Breathing/Strong Lungs: In Sink or Swim, it is revealed Adam has strong lungs and can breathe under water
    • Pressurized Lung Capacity: Douglas gave Adam the ability to have strong lungs to outmatch his brother, Chase It is shown that when Adam combines this ability, it will be strong enough to Freeze something. . He and Daniel used the ability together when Daniel touched his arm and were able to stop the water tank from exploding that was keeping the hydroloop operational.
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