Bree Davenport  is a main character in Suddenly Bionic. She is nineteen years old and is the fastest of all her siblings, having the power of superspeed created by Douglas Davenport, whom she regards as an uncle. Bree is the second-oldest of the four main teenagers and currently nineteen years old. She gives Leo advice on how to live as a Bionic and a regular teenager.

Bree looked her brothers but wishes to get away from them.

She is Leo's adoptive sister, Adam, Chase, Marcus, Naomi and Daniel's sister and the adoptive daughter of Tasha and Donald Davenport and best friends with Skylar Storm.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Of the Bionic Team, Bree is the second-oldest child of her siblings (Adam, Chase, Leo, Marcus, and Daniel) and the only girl in the family until the birth of her younger sister, Naomi. When she saw the real world for the first time, Bree had an optimistic and open view; however, she got too friendly during her first day at a school that it scared a lunch lady and two teenage girls. Bree considered Leo the first friend, because he showed her what it was like to be human and Caitlin was her first real friend. Bree is also very brave and selfless, putting her family's and friends' lives first before anything else, as she willingly stopped a train Donald invented to stop it from colliding with a city and helped a submarine that was full of strangers. The group works best when they are together.

She constantly teases Leo, Adam and Chase and her fathers, Donald, and Douglas. However, Bree cares deeply for her siblings and her parents, forming a bond with Tasha because they were the only girls in the house, respecting Donald as the team leader (from time to time), and looking out for Adam, Leo, and Chase. Though she loves her brothers to death, Bree gets annoyed by their antics. She gets tired of being stuck in Adam and Chase's pranks, and sometimes, getting dragged into Leo's problems such as abusing her bionics for the first time until he apologizes to her. (Smart and Smarter). Though she bickers with Adam, they often tease Chase more and they seem to be the closest of the four kids (like how Chase and Leo are). She constantly teases Chase with Adam, but she will not hesitate to help him in combat. When it comes to Leo, Bree tries to step up as his older sister and make sure he follows the right path, such as making him tell Principal Perry the truth that he cheated on a test using a spy fly. She also tried stopping him with his unhealthy obsession with his phone.

Bree is also tomboyish due to growing up with boys. This trait sometimes worries Tasha, as she let Bree have a sleepover and told Adam and Chase that Bree needed to socialize with other girls so she would stop " so she'll stop challenging random strangers to loogie contests." Additionally, Tasha wants Bree to experience what every teenage girl should go through. For example, in "Crush, Chop and Burn," she was happy to learn Bree met a boy and would have helped her with her hair and make-up. As the series progresses, Bree becomes more ladylike, and she can be quite squeamish, as she did not like dumpster diving for a painting. Deeply, Bree wants to have a normal life and be like every other girl, such as meeting boys and making new friends. Donald tells her that she is not like any other girl and that she can find a way to keep her bionic secret and her regular life in balance. However, at one point, she thought bionics were ruining her life, leading her to destroy her chip out of anger. However, Bree realized the error of her ways after learning her brothers nearly died on a mission and finally reconciled with them. In Suddenly Bionic she helps Leo realize he can maintain both a bionic life and a normal life.

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Bionic Physiology: Since Bree is a genetically engineered human, she is able to withstand the harshest temperatures, mostly due to wearing her mission suit, which can accommodate to any weather. She gains most of her powers from a chip designed by Douglas and Donald Davenport.

  • Super Speed: Bree's main ability. She is able to move fast like the speed of light, meaning she goes unseen by the human eye rather quickly. When people hold onto her, she is able to super speed with them. She can blast her enemies with her speed blast, can direct where her speed can go through her mental navigation,
    • Speed Jump: Bree is able to super jump over anything easily, transporting herself onto the ceilings and does not need any support.
      • Sticking on Walls: Bree can also stick to the walls but she is still affected by gravity, as her hair clip fell out of her hair.
    • Speed Talking: Bree was able to summarize the episode of "Mission Invisible" to Donald in under five minutes.
    • Speed Fighting: Bree can speed fight, which she uses against her opponents.
    • Speed Typing: According to Bree she can type all the words in the universe per minute, as she did so when launching a missile to stop a solar flare from destroying the earth.
    • Speed Drawing/Painting: When Bree and her brothers ruined Donald's painting, she was able to paint a replica while looking at the picture once. She speed-painted so well that no one could tell if it was a fake or not.
    • Mental Navigation: Bree has a navigational system in her super speeding, which is why she is able to navigate to herself from place to place.
    • Speed Blast: To catch her enemies off guard, Bree can blast her enemies with her speed blast
    • Vacuum Generation: Using her super speed while running in circles, Bree is able to create a vacuum. She used it to slow down a collider and used it to suck flies back into a canister. She could also use it to stop a fire from breaking out, according to Chase if she hadn't destroyed her chip.
      • Sonic Whirl: She can super speed around her enemies, as she used it against Gamma Girl.
      • Sonic Cyclone: She can create a sonic cyclone, which she did when she took Ethan for a crazy dance. speed drawing and painting, vacuum generation, speed whirl and sonic cyclone
    • Super Agility: Despite being agile already, Bree has better agility than any of her brothers.
  • Invisibility: Douglas gave her the ability to turn invisible. She used it while sneaking in Troy West's place.
  • Vocal Manipulation: Bree can manipulate her vocal cords to sound like another person or another object. When she first got the powers, Bree began abusing it (mostly from Leo's urging). However, she learned to never use that bionic ability ever again.
  • Super Durability: Being genetically engineered, she can stand more punishment than normal humans. She could be stunned by lasers that could actually kills somebody.
    • Resistance to Extreme Temperatures: Bree can resist extreme temperatures thanks to Genetic Engineering. However, she cannot withstand the hostile temperatures of the planet Caldera, as she needed a regulator patch to survive the planet's hot climates.
  • Bionic Fusion Attack: Bree's Bionics can be linked to Chase's and Adam's through Chase's Override app, allowing them to create one large fusion attack. Bree must be overridden by Chase, along with Adam, and then the three must stand in a perfect triangle with their arms linked. Then the energy will be charged up, and once it is ready it gets blasted from Chase's side. However, it will cause them to pass out as it is very draining and is only used as a last resort.

Temporary[edit | edit source]

  • All of Chase's Abilities: In Chip Switch, Bree and Chase switched chips and she gained Chase’s Super Intelligence, Super Senses and presumably, his facial and Fingerprint Recognition and Magnetism apps.
  • All of Adam's Abilities: In Chip Switch, when she accidentally switched chips with Adam, Bree got all of Adam's power of super strength and heat vision (the latter of which she isn't seen using.
  • Commando App: (Spike vs. Spikette only) Spikerella is Bree Davenport's alternate personality when her Commando App activates. Douglas gave her the Commando App which he calls Spikerella so she could fight Spikette. She only appeared in Spike vs. Spikette, due to her Commando App being temporary. Spikerella appears to be more stable than either Spike or Spikette, enough to stop both of them and not go on a rampage herself, as well as her use of Bree's Speed Fighting ability. This is the latest version of the Commando App. Unlike Chase's Commando App, Douglas can shut her down anytime he wants.
    • All of Bree's powers: Spikerella has the same powers and abilities of Bree (such as her agility), but never uses them and doesn't seem to know about them nor does she realize the fact that she is Bree's alter ego. However, she can still use her super-speed and martial arts ability in combat. She notably used Speed Fighting while kicking Spikette to the ground and knocked her out with a strike to the back.
    • Super Strength:Spikerella is assault-oriented, strong enough to easily throw Spikette around during their fight and effortlessly overpower Spike by throwing him across the room.

Non-Bionic Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Martial Arts: Bree knows martial arts like her brother, during her fights with Giselle, Lexi, Marcus and Taylor. However, she was easily incapacitated by Giselle but only because her guard was down and was taken down by Marcus while trying to save her brother Chase.
  • Expert Markswoman: She is an expert markswoman, being able to take down the laser cage holding her and her family hostage in Douglas' lair by aiming a laser with a mirror at the control panel. She successfully fired a tranquilizer gun at a spider, being able to strike at its venom sack for a cure for Adam.
  • Girl Tears:' Bree usually uses her "girl tears" as an excuse to make Donald not punish her. However, it doesn't actually work (because Bree always gets in trouble) despite Bree saying it's the most powerful of all her abilities.
  • Bravery: Despite everything Bree is quite brave, often giving up her selfish needs for others. She stated so in Rats on a Train that she would give her life to protect humanity. She was so brave enough to fight Marcus Davenport and Giselle Vickers.
  • Resistance to Interrogation: In You Posted What, she can handle interrogations with relative ease, having been taught by Donald.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Selfishness: Sometimes, Bree can get selfish but very rarely. She will think of her personal needs at times. However, Bree usually acknowledges her mistake at the end of the episode. This happened twice: in the episode, Quarantined, she cared more about her relationship with Owen. In this case, Bree ignored the entire debriefing with her brothers and father about capturing eco-villains and later contaminated herself at the crime scene without wearing her protective Mission Suit. In addition, she also went in another direction that caused the alarms at the eco-criminal's warehouse to go off and resulted in them failing the Mission while Bree was contaminated. However, she acknowledged that she was wrong and that she could manage both her social life as well as her hero life. It happened again in Three Minus Bree, where she got fed up with her Bionic life getting in the way of her social life yet again when she couldn't go to Australia or a concert and it caused her to destroy her chip. In doing so, it caused a fracture in Bree's relationship with Donald, Adam and Chase after her decision caused the mission, they went on to become even more dangerous. However, Bree realized she made a mistake and apologized to her brothers and Donald.
  • Emotions: Bree’s emotions affect her Bionics. Her emotions can sometimes cause them to go out of whack or in this case, Glitch. So, she has to keep her emotions under control so she doesn’t glitch again.
  • Triton App: Being bionic, Bree could be susceptible to the Triton App. However, Douglas and Donald put a block on her chip to prevent Krane from controlling her again.

Glitches[edit | edit source]

  • Uncontrollable Navigation: When she gets nervous, she runs around randomly. (Leo's Jam)
  • Scrambled Navigation: Her mental navigation system is messed up when exposed to the LEMP. (Drone Alone)
  • Disabled Joints/Disabled Muscles/Numbing Tongue/Uncontrollable Movement: When exposed to neurotoxin, Bree goes through this, and if not cured in 24 hours, it becomes permanent. (Quarantined)
  • Uncontrollable Voice Manipulation: When Bree gets nervous when she talks, she will say things in different random voices and noises. (Bro Down) When she loses her temper, it will manifest involuntarily and become inhumanly deep. This can also happen if she has a defective bionic chip (Which Father Knows Best?).
  • Glitching Eyes: In Trent Gets Schooled, it is revealed that she wasn't used to the flash on the camera, making her eyes turn into a shiny shade of black.
  • Overuse: It revealed that if Bree keeps running at top speed for too long, her heart rate will eventually get too high, and kill her. (Which Father Knows Best)
  • New Chip Fix 1 - Flying Upward: When Davenport fixed Bree's chip first, her super speed made her fly upward and on the ceiling. (Which Father Knows Best)
  • New Chip Fix 2 - Running Backwards: When Davenport attempted to fix her chip a second time, her super speed made her run backward. (Which Father Knows Best)
  • Doomsday Virus: Because Bree had the Triton App, it also came with a doomsday virus that Krane installed. If Krane got killed, the virus would activate after six months and would cause him to self-destruct after ten hours.
  • Adam's Glitches: When she switched chips with Adam, if she got angry, she would fire her heat vision randomly. Her super-strength would go awry if she was distracted or two angry, as she did when she tried pulling one of the elevator cables to help Leo escape. She would also sometimes set off her super strength unawareness, as seen when she high-fived Donald, she hit his hand too hard, as her father winced in pain and grabbed his hand.
  • Chase's Glitches: When Bree switched chips with Chase, she would react violently to the sound of the bell.
  • Uncontrollable Superpowers: After making indirect contact with the Arcturion in The Rock, Bree's new super powers glitched and triggered unintentionally, as she burned Skylar and a tablet with her Thermal Touch, and then created a Proton Ring without meaning to.

Family[edit | edit source]

Adam Davenport (Older Brother)[edit | edit source]

The siblings grew up with each other and are the older siblings of the quartets. They both look out for each other and their younger brothers, Chase and Leo. They tend to insult each other, but will never deeply hurt each other's feelings. Adam and Bree have soft spots for each other because they both are doubted by others. They often end up competing against each other, like the time they both tried out for the cheer-leading squad.

Chase Davenport (Younger Brother)[edit | edit source]

Main article: Brase

In almost all of the episodes, they are seen to tease and bicker each other a lot, even using their bionics on each other (Death Spiral Smackdown). Despite this, they're always there for each other when they need help (Can I Borrow the Helicopter?), (Back From the Future), (Mission: Space), and (Rats on a Train). Bree sometimes finds Chase annoying, which is, according to her, is his most powerful ability. They care immensely about each other and always work together to get a job done. They work on many tasks, show great concern for one another, and find ways to convince each other to do things

Leo Dooley (Younger Adoptive Brother/Cousin)[edit | edit source]

Main article: Breo

Leo was Bree's first friend and he showed her the outside world. They care about each other and tease each other once in a while, but Leo is the one she makes fun of the least and often helps him. As the older sister, Bree wants her brother to go down the right path, showing she takes her responsibility as Leo's older sister very seriously. Leo, as the younger brother, often teases Bree. Despite this, they both love each other and wouldn't hesitate to do one thing for the other. For example, Bree helped Leo when they both thought Perry harmed one of the lunch ladies.

Like Adam, Bree can be protective of Leo, mostly because he is the only non-bionic teen in the team until "You Posted What" as she was concerned for her brother when he was trapped in the training room with the rest of the bionic soldiers and was scared when Sebastian ordered them to take him out.

In Season 4, Leo and Bree began to hang out more.

Donald Davenport (Uncle/Adoptive Father)[edit | edit source]

Even though it is revealed Douglas is her biological father, Bree considers Donald her dad, saying she could not have asked for a better one. However, Bree still teases her adoptive father and she is sometimes glad when Donald is gone, as seen in Bionic Houseparty and Bionic Rebellion. Sometimes, Bree gets jealous of Adam, Chase and Leo due to Donald always hanging out with him. She revealed that reason to Donald in Concert in a Can, and she only picked him to be her parent for career day for a chance for them to spend time together and was angry when she saw him with Chase and Adam. Donald later made it up to her by performing with her in his Concert in a Can project. However, he sometimes embarrasses Bree, which is why she was probably reluctant to spend father-daughter bonding with him in Cyborg Shark Attack.

Douglas Davenport (Biological Father/Creator)[edit | edit source]

When it was revealed Douglas was her father, Bree was shocked but nonetheless, still saw Donald as her father and instead, considers Douglas her uncle. Douglas wanted to turn her into a Bionic Soldier under his control. Bree feels indifferent towards him. However, he saves her life in Taken and in Three Minus Bree, Bree seems to forgive Douglas as she tells Donald to give him a second chance. Afterwards, Bree teases Douglas as much as she does Donald, including insulting his hair and often calling him a crazy uncle.

Tasha Davenport (Aunt/Adoptive Mother)[edit | edit source]

Tasha is Bree's aunt by marriage and adoptive mother. She appears to get along with her, mostly because she's the only other girl in the household. Tasha tries to act like a mom to her and gave her advice about a guy she liked. In Can I Borrow the Helicopter? Bree found that Tasha could be a smothering lunatic at times and what caused her to go back to the lab. Despite this, the two get along, as they both pranked Chase and Adam and later went to Greece together.

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