Breo is the brother/sister pairing of Bree Davenport and Leo Dooley.

Information[edit | edit source]

  • When thinking about everyone's hypothetical reacting to his Bionics, Leo thinks Bree will move out because she'll have three bionic Brothers to deal with instead of two.
  • When Bree returns from her world tour, she and Leo hug.
  • Adam almost exposes Leo's Bionic arm after hitting it but Bree and Chase quickly stop Adam before he did.
  • When the government agents begin setting up. Bree is the only one to notice something is wrong return Leo (who is thinking about his fight with Douglas) and asks what's wrong.
  • Bree doesn't believe Leo when he says he's fine.

,*At school Bree noticed Leo upset and she wanted him to talk to her because she is his older sister.

  • Leo found it hard keeping his Bionics a secret and doesn't want them anymore. He felt the exact same way Bree did in three minus Bree. She advised him to get through it.
  • Bree feels guilty for Leo getting hurt on the mission Donald took him from.
  • Bree apologizes to Leo for ignoring the mission and for the injury he sustained.
  • In Chapter 10, Leo tells Douglas he is upset because whenever he was around his brothers, something bad happened. Douglas commented that sounded like something Bree would have said.
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