Chase Davenport is the tritagonist of Suddenly Bionic. He is one of Leo's bionic step-brothers and the smartest of the three super human, and he can levitate. His most used ability (besides super intelligence) includes molecularkinesis, Energy Shield, and his Laser Bo. He is the brother of Adam, Bree, Daniel, the biological son of Douglas Davenport and the adoptive son/nephew of Donald and Tasha Davenport.

Chase and his siblings do not realize they are blinded by fame until he sees Leo injured first and how he got the sprained ankle during a mission with Donald.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Chase is the second-youngest of the four siblings. He was a selfless, caring and kind-hearted superhero who was friendly to Leo when they first came to know each other, but was shown to not stand his brother when they first met. Because of his intelligence, Chase is often referred to as the Lab Rats' leader, someone's describing himself as their fearless leader. However, it appeared that Adam, Bree and Leo disagreed with him; however, they were most likely referring to him being fearless over their leader. As such, in a crisis, if Chase could never figure out something, he would sometimes panic or overreact more than his siblings when he couldn't come on with a someone. For example, Chase panicked when he and his siblings were stuck on a train and didn't know that to stop it. When Davenport had come to save them, Chase said that deep down, he knew Donald would get to them on time and told Leo, Adam and Bree he showed them he wasn't panicking, only for the siblings to disagree with him again. Later, when Leo was trapped in an elevator, Chase was frustrated that he couldn't fix the elevator panels (but this was mostly because Chase lacked superintelligence chip). Later, when Bree suggested they tell Davenport they exposed their bionics to Perry, Chase shouted to her that they couldn't even if it was his idea to agree in the first place.

Despite his intelligence, Chase can be quite childish, as it is mentioned he enjoys watching cartoons and overreacted when two mascots from his favorite TV show came to Leo's party. Like his father, Douglas and uncle/father Donald, Chase will remind his siblings of the bigger picture or will sometimes see himself. This is shown in "Sink or Swim" where Chase was refusing to rescue a submarine that could crash and kill hundreds of people, Adam and Bree managed to tell him to break out of what he was feeling. However, he could become hot-tempered, mostly due to Adam throwing him around. In these times, Chase will turn into Spike, showing that Chase literally is two-faced and nearly having a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde or Bruce Banner/Hulk complex.

Despite his shortcomings, Chase is very protective of his family and will not hesitate to help the other if they are in danger. Additionally, Chase is sometimes naive and trusting of others, as he was with Marcus Davenport, who was deceiving the Lab Rats to get close to them. This later happened in Season 4, where he told Sebastian everything about their past and how to unlock all his abilities. In Elite Force, he was later betrayed by Reese, who posed as his girlfriend to get close to get the list of superheroes. These past three events caused Chase to become wracked with guilt at not being able to stop them and caused him to grow more cautious, as he begrudgingly trusted Taylor (but was reminded that Sebastian tried to take out the Bionic Academy). He also forbade Leo from trying out an ability because it could cause Damage to Leo or any of those around him.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Bionic Physiology: Because Douglas genetically engineered Chase and his siblings he can withstand the harshest temperatures, mostly due to wearing her mission suit, which can accommodate to any weather. He gains most of his powers from a chip designed by Douglas and Donald Davenport. He also has super durability, as he can stand more punishment than normal humans and can be stunned by lasers that would kill someone.

  • Super Intelligence: Chase's chip enables him with super intelligence, as without it, he has an average human intellect. He can analyze a situation and know how to turn it around to his team's advantage. Chase can do extremely well in school and knows how to use his intelligence to lead the team. He is highly coordinated, so learning physical skills is impossibly easy for him.
    • Mental Database: Chase possesses a mental database and can identify anything if he looks at it. He can keep a painting, fingerprints, and people. Chase also has a database filled with everybody else's finger prints through his Finger Print Recognition app. In addition, Chase has Facial Recognition, which is how he could identify Joey Logano, a worldwide known race car driver.
    • Hacking: Like his biological father, Chase can remotely hack computers. He can also hack into his other sibling's chips, as he deactivated the triton app with his Override App.
    • Thermal Scanning: He can scan for thermal signatures, a s revealed in "You Posted What"
  • Force Field: Chase can create a Force field to protect himself and others, as he did protect both Leo in "Exoskeleton vs. Grandma" and later, Douglas in "Taken." It is one of his most used abilities.
  • Commando App: Chase will transform into Spike, as a "fearless brute." He is stronger than Adam and has a gruffer personality. However, he cannot remember anything when the app is deactivated.
  • Levitation: Chase discovered he could levitate off the ground in the shower. It proves well in battle, as he used the ability during his battle with Marcus by rising up and kicking him in the chest, to knock Marcus down.
  • Magnetism App: Chase turns his hands into a powerful magnet attracting metal objects.
  • Molecularkinesis: A form of telekinesis. Chase is able to manipulate the molecules around an object, allowing to move anything with his mind. He discovered this hidden ability in Mission: Space.
  • Simultaneous Abilities: Chase can use two abilities at once; however, it causes him too much stress, enough for him to faint, which is why Chase hardly uses both powers simultaneously. Douglas reveals that Chase can't unlock all of his abilities because it would put too much strain to his body, as seen with Sebastian.
  • Laser Bo: Douglas unlocked another ability for Chase by letting him create a laser bo that resembles a double-bladed lightsaber.
  • Bionic GPS: Chase can track cell signals using his bionics, but it also activates his chip signal.
  • Mental Link: He was able to send information to Bree and Adam. Chase later used this ability to send another doomsday virus in order to trick the other doomsday virus that Krane installed that would activate six months after his demise.
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