Cheo is the brother pairing of Leo Dooley and Chase Davenport.

Info/Moments[edit | edit source]

  • Leo thinks that if Chase found out about his Bionics, he would run a detailed analysis on how giving Leo bionics will end in nothing but disaster.
  • Leo says he is missing having Chase (and his other siblings) around due to the world tour Graham made them do.
  • When Chase and the other Lab Rats return, Chase and Leo hug when the latter tells his older brother he missed all the members.
  • Adam almost exposes Leo's Bionic arm after hitting it but Bree and Chase quickly stop Adam before he did.
  • Chase is the first to notice Leo's injury on the mission and feels guilty about it. He later apologizes for what Leo went through and for failing him.
  • Donald knows that Chase and Leo always do homework together when he comes home from work. He took part in a prank with them to get back at Donald for the pranking Douglas and Leo/cyber mask incident. (Chapter 14)
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