Douglas Davenport is one of the two main protagonists in the Lab Rats fanfiction Suddenly Bionic. He is the true creator of Adam, Bree and Chase and gave the Lab Rats,  Victor Krane and Leo Dooley their Bionics. He initially refuses to train Leo because of his past with Marcus. However, after Leo sets the school on fire, Douglas decides to mentor him with his bionics after encouragement from Donald.

Suddenly Bionic[edit | edit source]

You Posted What?!?[edit | edit source]

Just as the episode, Douglas escaped the house with Leo and discovered Krane had been behind the exposure of Bionic Humans. He also snuck Leo out of the hospital (Tasha later screamed at Douglas for it, revealed in chapter 11) and performed the surgery on him, giving him a Bionic arm. Out in a panic, Douglas tells Leo to calm down so he doesn't create a rogue laser sphere. Leo is really shocked but Douglas reassures him he can handle it.

Armed and Dangerous[edit | edit source]

However, in the weeks to come. Douglas' realizes Leo isn't taking the arm well and without thinking, Douglas keeps his bionic arm active without Leo knowing. After seeing Leo depressed, Douglas tries to get to the bottom of the problem. After he refuses to train him, Douglas tells Leo to keep his Bionic arm a secret in fear of him being taken away and Douglas being sent to prison. This, leads to the two having an argument and strained relationship until Donald convinces his brother otherwise. He tries reconciling with him courtesy of Donald and offers him a ride at school but Leo refuses. At school, Douglas confronts Leo and sees that he nearly set the school on fire by accidentally misusing his Bionics on Janelle's science fair project. He decides to mentor him on using his bionics but Donald took Leo on a mission against his brother's advice. After he gets into a fight with Adam, Bree and Chase, Douglas while helping Leo tells him that he shouldn't stay angry at his siblings too long after revealing how a sibling rivalry with Donald caused them to not speak to each other for years and the constant fighting.

After Chase, Bree and Adam realize the error of their ways, Douglas helps them come up with a plan to get rid of Agent Graham and restore Davenport as leader while acknowledging Leo as their brother and most trusted friend in front of Mr. President..

Merry Glitchmas[edit | edit source]

Rise of the Secret Soldiers[edit | edit source]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Family[edit | edit source]

  • Leo Dooley - Step-Nephew, Former Enemy, Student and Best Friend
  • Donald Davenport - Older Brother, Former Rival and Former Enemy,
  • Adam Davenport - Son and Former Enemy
  • Bree Davenport - Daughter and Former Enemy
  • Chase Davenport - Son and Former Enemy
  • Janelle - Acquainted with
  • Marcus-Android Son
  • Tasha Davenport - Sister-in-law
  • Victor Krane -Arch-enemy
  • Giselle Bickers - Ex-Girlfriend
  • Daniel Davenport - Son

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Douglas knew Leo wanted Bionics because he used to spy on him too.
  • He wears five bracelets in his right wrist, which he started wearing in "Taken."
  • Douglas has some skill in medical procedures. He was able to fix Leo's arm and also how to address his ankle wound he sustained in Chapter 6.
  • He got a tad overprotective of Leo in Chapter 9 by spying on his date with Janelle so his date wouldn't go wrong.
    • In the same chapter, Douglas says Leo is his best friend, let alone his only friend.
    • However, Douglas admits in Chapter 11 that he took it too far and decides to dial down on it just a little bit.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Leo, you need to calm down, you're safe. Now, don't you worry, kiddo, I'm going to fix this arm. I just need you to calm down.

Douglas to Leo

Well, someone sure does sound like Bree. So, are you sure your date with Janelle is going fine?

Douglas to Leo

Nothing, just giving the kid a break.

Douglas to Donald

But you owe me big for this because he is your kid after all.

Douglas to Donald.

Yes, or they will take you away and I would be locked up.

Douglas to Leo

We finally got the government on our side. Do you know what would happen if they discovered a fourth bionic kid?

Douglas to Leo

But he is your kid!

Douglas to Leo

Calm down, buddy. He abandoned this place a while ago. The guy's got hideouts everywhere. You should see his torture chamber in Palm Beach. It's gorgeous.

Douglas to Leo

I will tell you that. When I come up with an excuse.

Douglas to Leo

Yeah but I thought you would be excited.

Douglas to Leo

Okay, kid, now with Donald's target board. You'd be lucky to even get a shot.

Douglas to Leo

Triple shot! No wonder you keep beating Donald at video games!

Douglas to leo.

"You might want to stand behind me, kid," Douglas said.
"Why?" Leo asked with a shrug. Adam began using his Pressurized Lung Capacity Douglas had given him when Adam and Chase were pitting themselves against each other. Douglas smirked, quickly pushing Leo behind him and shielding him from Adam's blow. Leo watched as his eldest brother attack Graham, who held onto Leo's cyberdesk.

Douglas and Leo

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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