Dougleo is the friendship of Douglas Davenport and Leo Dooley. They used to be enemies but are now friends.

Info[edit | edit source]

  • Douglas tried to kill Leo in the past via sending Marcus after him.
    • Apparently, he also knows Leo wanted Bionics since Douglas spied on the family.
  • They became friends in Taken when Douglas warned Leo about Krane.
  • Leo finds Douglas' jokes awful and can sometimes be seen grimacing in the background.
  • Douglas healed Leo's broken arm with bionics.
  • Leo is not sure how they got from enemies to friends.
  • Douglas trained Leo with his Bionics and often checks his arm like Donald does with Adam, Bree and Chase's chips.
  • So far they have only fought twice: when Douglas refused to train Leo and when he confronted him about nearly ruining his date with Janelle.
  • In the tenth chapter, Douglas stalks Leo's date with Janelle but more out of concern than out of malice. and even he admits that was weird and promises to dial down on the protectiveness.
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