Taylor (formerly S-1) is Victor Krane's lead bionic soldier and one of the two main antagonists of Suddenly Bionic and the upcoming protagonist of Suddenly a Hero. She revealed the Lab Rats' bionic secret when she filmed them doing a mission and posted it online. She was controlled through Krane's Triton App, thus was not evil by choice. She served as Leo's second archenemy until One of Us. She was defeated by Leo in Rise of the Secret Soldiers, but survived her supposed death. She loses her eyesight permanently in Lab Rats: On The Edge, but is given a device that vibrates to alert her of nearby obstacles.

She is portrayed by Ashley Argota. Despite being the main antagonist of the first book, she only appears in one chapter but she was the one to permanently damage Leo's arm. She is surpassed by Victor Krane, who's plans were much bigger than hers.

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